Soft Washing

When power washing any surface, especially your home, you must be very careful with the amount of pressure you use or permanent damage can and will occur.  Using high pressure when power washing your home is something that should never be done.  Using to much pressure can cause visible damage to your homes siding  that is ugly and irreversible.  The proper, safest, and most effective method of power washing your home is a process called soft washing.  Soft washing involves the use of environmentally safe soap detergents along with low pressure power washing methods to completely rid the mold from your home with zero damage.  Using only pressure to remove the mold from your home will not remove the roots from the mold which will cause further future growth.  Using the soft Washing method along with the proper detergent will not only remove the mold, it will kill the roots that are attached to your home.  Killing the mold roots will guarantee a mold free home up to one year or possibly longer.

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